Executive Team

      Yoshihiko Shibuya,?Chief Executive Officer

      Mr. Yoshihiko Shibuya (Yoshi) has been appointed as the Chief Executive Officer effective from April 1, 2017.

      Yoshi has twenty years’ experience of wine business in the Suntory Group and has a strong knowledge of the global wine business. Prior to his current appointment as the CEO of ASC Fine Wines, he was based in France for more than five years to manage Suntory’s wine businesses in Europe and relational maintenance with wineries.

      Yoshi’s appointment is pivotal for ASC to gain even stronger global synergies between the Suntory Group and ASC. He is determined to take ASC to the new height of growths, customer service and partnership with suppliers and further enhance the appreciation for and sales of fine wines in Mainland China, Hong Kong and Macau.

      Simon Wang,?Chief Operating Officer

      Simon possesses deep and broad experience in China’s imported wine business as well as in the international hospitality industry. Before he re-joined ASC, Simon had been the CEO of Kerry Wines in Greater China. During his 16 years’ service in the hospitality industry, Simon held many senior roles with a variety of hotel groups including Fairmont Hotel & Resorts, Mandarin Oriental and Shangri-La. He has established an excellent track record leading sales force in pursuing aggressive sales goals, setting strategic direction and providing good operational management. His profound experience and professionalism will be critical as we seek to take ASC’s business to the next level.

      Masa Iijima, Corporate Planning & Finance Director

      Masa was appointed as Corporate Planning & Finance Director effective from April 1, 2019. As a member of the ASC Management Committee, he is responsible for Finance, Internal Audit, Strategic Planning, etc

      Prior to moving to ASC, Masa had extensive work experience in various functions of the Suntory Group in the past 20 years, including Strategic Planning, Finance, HR, IT, etc. He had also experienced working in Suntory Group’s New York office for 3 years.”

      In his role, he is an important member of ASC’s executive team, working with different division heads to identify opportunities and meet challenges, he plays a key role in improving ASC’s efficiency of business processes.

      Eileen Pan,?Senior Human Resources Director

      Eileen joined ASC Fine Wines as Senior Human Resources Director in July, 2017,fully responsible for ASC’s Human Resources Division.

      Eileen has come from a solid HR background with sound operation experience in organization design, C&B, staffing & retention, people development and strategy planning to support business growth. Prior to joining ASC, Eileen was HR Director with numerous top FMCG Companies and Luxury brands, Estée Lauder China, L’Oréal China, Dazzle Fashion and Swatch Group China.

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